On The State Of The World Part 1

I recently watched a movie that showed today’s society (movie name undisclosed). The movie involved LGBTQIA+ themes and even an almost statutory rape scene (fully consensual sexual activity with a minor, and no, the movies doesn’t show anything).

Movies like this are uncomfortable for me to sit through. But I found it interesting, showing what a night in New York could be like. I, personally, have never been to New York, so I can’t say how realistic the themes are, but from daily life and social media, I figure it ranks a 7-9 on realism.

Easter: Resurrection With Christ

What is Easter? Let’s take a look at what Easter means to most people.

Easter Sunday celebrates the Christian belief of Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

So where did bunnies and eggs come in?

(Source from seeker.com)
“According to History.com, Easter eggs represent Jesus’ resurrection. However, this association came much later when Roman Catholicism became the dominant religion in Germany in the 15th century and merged with already ingrained pagan beliefs. The first Easter Bunny legend was documented in the 1500s.”

It Wasn’t My Fault

You notice a girl sitting in a chair alone with her head down and her hands covering her face. You decide to walk closer to her and as you do, you hear sounds of her sobbing. You gently tap her on the shoulder and as she looks up, you ask her what’s wrong? So she told you her life’s story. It wasn’t her fault her parents had abandoned her. It wasn’t her fault that the youth group rejected her.  It also wasn’t her fault when her boyfriend left for no apparent reason. What was her fault, however, was that she had gone away from God. She knew she needed Him, but she didn’t know how to get back to Him. She didn’t think He would want her anymore.

Dry Valley or Lost River?

Have you ever gone through a dry valley? I think it is safe to assume the answer is yes. When we talk about going through a dry valley, we refer to the times where it seems we can’t find God, we can’t feel Him, or we have hit a place in life where we feel dead inside. In some cases, we find the praying, reading our Bible, and going to church are useless things. Okay, I’ll bite, let’s say all of them are useless, what will you do now? My guess is you’ll stop and read back over that sentence again.