On The State Of The World Part 1

I recently watched a movie that showed today’s society (movie name undisclosed). The movie involved LGBTQIA+ themes and even an almost statutory rape scene (fully consensual sexual activity with a minor, and no, the movies doesn’t show anything).

Movies like this are uncomfortable for me to sit through. But I found it interesting, showing what a night in New York could be like. I, personally, have never been to New York, so I can’t say how realistic the themes are, but from daily life and social media, I figure it ranks a 7-9 on realism.

I noticed that people just want to be that, people. Transgender, gay, lesbian, straight, black, and white people just want to be people. We have much in common. We all want love, that perfect someone, to fit in, find our place in the world, and feel loved. We want to contribute something to society that we feel may be beneficial, and we dislike others telling us we can’t do what we want or that we are wrong.

I agree that we should have the attitude of “I can do it” because anything less becomes an opportunity for quitting. At the same time, we should consider what is being deemed as wrong, and think about the moral implications of doing such activities.

I’m not against people wanting to fit in and find their purpose in life. I am against ideologies that take the form of love and peace but are deeply motivated by hate and intolerance. It is true that many professing Christians have been extremely intolerant of certain activities many humans partake in, and I would not hesitate to agree that Christians can and should be against what they view is a sin.

But to spew mass hatred and intolerance for people that choose to live differently from Christians is unfortunate and hurtful. But the center of Christianity is God, coming down in the form of man to reconcile, or restore, the relations of humans back toward God. Christians were given an example by God Himself.

Christians have always fallen short of Christ, as humans have fallen short of the vision God had in mind for us. We perceive love to be a general term that can be for any object or person. Love remains undefined on a deeper level. For a gay person, they may “love” their partner, but what is their love rooted in?

Eros love, or sexual passion, should still be considered dangerous or frightening. Not that we should fear it to the point of hold disdain for passionate sexual love, but that we should be willing to wait for the right person to let it out on. The problem is, most feel they can’t wait or don’t need to wait, and their passion or drive cause people to commit acts such as rape, adultery, and prostitution (fornication). The good version of eros love is what one has with their spouse.

I believe that the type of love which drives our society today is the same kind of love the Greeks feared (even though they were pretty awful at times too). The world has heavily invested in such deluded passion that people believe love comes in all ages between both genders/sexes.

I disagree. A fifty-year-old man should not marry a six-year-old girl. However, due to the age customs being virtually erased from history by Islamic historians and taught that “Islam is just better”, I have no reason to think that Arabs weren’t already practicing some of the Greek and Jewish traditions of people usually marrying at around the same ages.

In Africa, mainly Egypt, as well as in Rome, women and men would get married at ages 13-16, although in Rome, they would usually wait until they were in their early twenties. If there were child marriages, definitely two children marrying each other is better than one child with a much older spouse.

Should children be allowed to grow up and have a childhood without marriage? Yes. Should children marry older people if they were to marry? No. Children that marry should marry other children (teenagers are also considered children by law).

So what does society say? It says children are adults, that they are free to decide (with the parent, teachers, or someone else prodding) what their gender is, their sexual orientation is, and the jobs they will perform. We don’t need children dancing in strip clubs, we need children learning how to be children and get along with other children. We don’t need to force the adult issues onto the kids. After all, the kids never made the issue, the adults did.

So here it is, the sexual love of today’s society is hateful, uncontrollable, undisciplined, perverted, and evil. Malicious at its core, it is being used to drive adult passions to children. Why, when pedophilia is accepted as just another form of love, we choose to ignore the dangers of such said love, and our children will and have already started paying the price.

That love must be controlled, or it will control the ones that share in pleasure with it. perhaps this is why suicides and drug addictions are off the charts (so to speak). People want to feel loved, but their passions control them to the point they need help.

The drug addictions and suicides are not by chance. They are, in a form, a cry for help at the last resort. People are begging to find reason and purpose. But most importantly, they don’t want a religion that dictates them their entire life, they want something that loves. Christianity is love. Christianity is the religion of love, for GOD is love!

Love people, no matter who they are, for they are the potential Church. And yes, you may have to offend people, but do it to them with love. Not with a smile, but with a cry of pain for them. People need to be shown the way, but it will be hard for them to get to the WAY. Don’t let them walk alone. The first step: love.

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