Personal Thoughts – Oct. 22, 2022

Posting on Facebook seems a bit dreary these days. A good friend of mine mentioned we no longer get many reactions from our posts. I’ve realized most of us who once seemed to be on the top of controversy were getting those reactions just a couple of years ago.

Most of us chose to move on after those years. Perhaps because we got tired of all the arguments and simpletons. Or perhaps because we found out that if you stay around peiple who suck, you’ll let them suck the fun out of life. Or maybe, just maybe, we grew up a bit more and matured. Realizing that debating and discussing with people who take us as fools was pretty foolish.

I don’t know why most of us stopped posting and commenting, but I can say why I have stopped, and why I plan on coming back.

Several years ago, I created Project Corinthians 9 to fill in the space of a third-party organization that could help young people gain a voice within churches and provide funding for trips. While creating a voice for young people was successful, the funding section was not.

I began to rebuild the project with lesser plans in mind, such as books, pamphlets, and posters. To open a publishing division for Christians of all types (carefully vetted) to publish books and materials. We were able to release several books, some of which made slight profit.

During this time, I met someone. That relationship lasted for about five years. It fell apart and while it hurt for a while, I learned a lot about people and relationships. And for once in my life, I understood that I knew nothing. All the books I’ve ever read and the advice I was given had never really sunk in.

After the cooling down period, I took a friend’s advice to become friends first with someone. I found a wonderful app for marriage called CDFF and met someone who initially rejected me. She’s honestly not what I expected from anyone I thought I would ever meet. But I guess that is just another way God can surprise us.

Anyway, both of us understood the app and also understood we needed to take things slow. We’ve become good friends over the past year and finally got the chance to meet in person, which turned out to be an amazing and unique experience for both of us.

We’ve come a long way and so have I, as an individual. I haven’t given up on the project, if anything, I have plans to expand it. But these things take time, just as a relationship takes time.

Project Corinthians 9 may go through reiterations over the years. We may have to shut down certain services and features and add others. And while the project does serve as a personal ministry platform, it is not bound to me and me alone. The voices of people across the world have a stake in the mission of the project.

As it currently stands, I have not been able to focus on the project as I would like due to holding a full time job, and working on multiple side projects (games, apps, and podcasts in the works). Since everything takes time and money, and both of those things I’m very limited on, the expansions and additions will take place over the next few years and not months.

Most of the board of directors are also gone and will be replaced. I have also limited most of my posts and comments on Facebook, as I have better use of my time.

So if you were wondering what happened to me and why I’m not very active, hopefully this article will set your mind at ease. And if you don’t care, just move on. It’s really that easy.

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