Modern Flaws Within Society:

An articulated thought on on pornography and its effect on men.

Warning: Not intended for readers below eighteen years of age.

Our society has an issue with pornography which stems from a lack of self-discipline and meaningless values. Society uses a form of feminism (if it can even be called feminism) of such radical intent, that men have become monstrous victims. The American society spiraled towards depravity and degradation of values which were once held so close.


(The Article of the Present Religious Reformation).

(As revealed to Osbert Wellington, and taught vehemently by the believers in God’s awakening message – the message of the present reform. This message is not just cleaning up the churches, but reviving the basic tenets of the Christian message and drawing souls to God’s kingdom. – This leaflet is gradually been distributed throughout the world).
I, Osbert Wellington, at the age of sixteen, having been conscious of the hand of the Lord upon my life before that age as revealed and testified by many, I fully gave my life to Jesus Christ, knowing from that year the depth of this great salvation, though born into a Christian home.