Modern Flaws Within Society:

An articulated thought on on pornography and its effect on men.

Warning: Not intended for readers below eighteen years of age.

Our society has an issue with pornography which stems from a lack of self-discipline and meaningless values. Society uses a form of feminism (if it can even be called feminism) of such radical intent, that men have become monstrous victims. The American society spiraled towards depravity and degradation of values which were once held so close.

While one can and may agree with modern feminists that men should be more respectful and caring of women, the feminists themselves disrespect women. How is it, that the same women who complain about a rape culture, praise women for acting in rape fantasy hardcore porn videos? Or that feminists accept the hard sex found in such videos, when they complain that men watch movies and shows with rape scenes and want to act them out? How does Fifty Shades of Grey become a bestseller, when the theme is BDSM and male domination?

Modern feminists call the behaviour of many men “toxic masculinity” and I concur. Such behaviour of theirs is toxic, yet also an unfortunate side effect of the state of our society in America. The dual hypocritical nature of porn within society ruins people and causes broken marriages. A blight on western civilization indeed. Pornography has affected the rich and poor, though the effects has ravaged the poor by taking advantage of young minds and wallets. And while America is not the only country to which porn has befell, America serves as a lesson to others whose countries have yet to reap the consequences of porn. The consequence that pornography creates victims.

Victims of pornography usually become addicts, though not everyone is the same. Even if few walk away with few side effects, the majority do not. Many men who watch porn feel the desire to act out scenes/positions with their spouses, leading to pain and discomfort for women whose husbands weren’t so aggressive before porn. Porn can cause men to become aggressive. Combine aggressiveness with the fact that many male children with conservative or religious backgrounds taught to reject any view of a man that cries (outside of praying) or is caring and respectful to women in a way that differs from the background normative. Even if a man differs on views of sex or views not held by members of their respective communities, the man is called a faggot, wimp, or sissy (such vile insults from those who hold to the Christian faith).

The subject of sex is taboo in religious places of worship, and instead of judge-free zones, we offer condemnation zones. Instead of fostering an environment of love and peace, we’ve fostered an environment of intolerance and injustice. We see imperfect people as threats and the addicts as stains on our white robes. May we return to seeing people’s potential, and learn to shut up when we disagree with another’s opinion. We need to understand that our backgrounds are not perfect, our views are not always right, and we must be willing to be open-minded about subjects we refuse to hear out.

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