(The Article of the Present Religious Reformation).

(As revealed to Osbert Wellington, and taught vehemently by the believers in God’s awakening message – the message of the present reform. This message is not just cleaning up the churches, but reviving the basic tenets of the Christian message and drawing souls to God’s kingdom. – This leaflet is gradually been distributed throughout the world).
I, Osbert Wellington, at the age of sixteen, having been conscious of the hand of the Lord upon my life before that age as revealed and testified by many, I fully gave my life to Jesus Christ, knowing from that year the depth of this great salvation, though born into a Christian home.

Three years before that year, I had my clearest night vision, showing the coming revival and the greater things coming. – In that great vision, I saw a great multitude of persons that no man could count, singing praises to God, with bibles in their hand, showing that this was a revival of the deep truths of the scriptures. This vision I kept to myself, continuing to read the scriptures and three years later, learning of this so great salvation I gave my life to Jesus Christ and marked that day as my conversion. I also suffered at various times, temptations and trials, as I stood firm in the faith in the following years.

Two years later, being 18 years old, I was also at this time, a voracious reader of secular literature, philosophical articles, some religious books, political books, while I read the Bible less intense as I read other books. – Though, during this time, I also authored some theological books which proceeded from my growing readership and spiritual life. – But I was awakened to the serious reality of sound teaching and revival in this generation by an audible voice one afternoon.

This voice in its short statement that shook my whole being, commanded me to go into an intensive study of the Holy scriptures. That was the second time, I have ever heard a voice; the first happened in a trance early that same year, the first Voice expressed to me that when I am humbled in prayer I am forgiven, and not only that, I am forever forgiven. By those words I heard, calling me to say “Lord Have Mercy”, I received strength to stand in days of weakness, in the times when I struggled to stand against youthful passions, when the feeling of utter despair seemed unconquerable.

By His voice calling the second time later that year, of which I donot know if I was in the body or not, God commanded me to go into an intensive study of His Word. For two whole years following, as instructed, I prayerfully studied more intensively the bible word for word, than I have ever done and I was awakened to the truth, concerning many erroneous doctrines that have been taught for the past two hundred years especially in my continent. I also checked some other theological books and confirmed that there were many places sincere believers missed it.

At the end of the two year intense study, by the burden of the Spirit, I wrote my deeper findings, and God’s heart beat for the present reform and revival in a book titled “Message and Reform. The basic teachings divinely illuminated to me, that are also explained in that book, that are the most pressing to the reform of today and are needed to be preached today are what I call the six points of reform; so by the Inward witness of the Spirit, it has been called the – “six points of reform”. These points I will explain below.


This is the first and most important. We are saved by faith alone in Jesus Christ, not by our works – Ephesians 2:8-9, John 5:24, 2 Corinthians 5:21. That is to say, both our justification, salvation and sanctification is by our belief in the finished works of Jesus Christ, which results in a life of godly fruits. What is more to this, that is rarely been taught in some parts of the world, is that salvation is permanent. Which means that true believers in Christ Jesus, will never be lost and will never see damnation. This controversial aspect of salvation, is today, rejected in many parts of the world where legalism and works – based – salvation and twisting of scriptures are thriving.

These and many other arguments, I have straightened out in my teachings. Nevertheless, this is the mystery of salvation to those who are truly saved, because Christ has given them eternal life, and they shall never be plucked out of His hands – John 10:28. This great aspect was revealed to me and is also testified in the scriptures.

This first point is a mass call for spiritual check and repentance, for those who have trusted a works-based – gospel and to those who are not truly saved but are in the churches. This first point is also a call across the many denominations that have some kind of a work – based salvation and some kind of a progressive teaching on salvation. Many denominations like the Catholics, Methodists, Anglicans, Nazarenes, Eastern orthodox churches, and some evangelical churches mainly in Africa and Asia. This is a call to the true salvation by faith and its permanency and to those who believe, they are to be water baptized if time permits, signifying their profession of faith in this mighty salvation wrought by Jesus Christ to save them from sin and hell. (For further study, read chapter 3, chapter 6, chapter 7 and chapter 8 of Message And Reform).


These teachings have been the most rejected of all biblical doctrines today, that have managed since the reformation to survive, but unfortunately, heretics have been the only ones to defend this biblical doctrines. But by God’s grace, many theologians and preachers are receiving revelation on these subjects. The state of the righteous dead was illuminated to me, that they sleep until the rapture which is the first resurrection. They are not in heaven, but are asleep until the first resurrection/rapture/second coming of the Lord In the clouds. Again nothing happens to the unsaved dead, until after the millennium, and after the judgement, then they are judged and cast to hell.

All arguments against the soul sleep doctrine coming from some phrases in Apostle Pauls’ writings and Christ’s parable of Lazarus and the rich man, which donot in itself destroy the evidence of the ‘soul sleep` doctrine, I have explained in my book and in other teachings which cannot be explained in this article.-(for further study, read chapter 11 of Message and Reform).

In this second point, also, is the revelation that the church will go through the Great Tribulation. The well known evangelical doctrine that is taught all over the world today, which is called “pre tribulation” is nothing but a dangerous lie. This is not only testified in the scriptures that the post tribulation is true, but it has been revealed to other true believers and to me. The Revival of today intends to revive this correct, historical doctrinal position of the early church and early believers, that the church will go through the tribulation. This second point of reform, will draw the harshest criticism on the believers in the present reform and we will be severely spoken against from across many pulpits of the world. But nevertheless it is the truth.
(For further study on the church going through the tribulation, read chapter 10 of Message and Reform).


The Revival of today as revealed, must above all speak against those that may present a message similar to ours but are false and decietful workers of Satan. We must rebuke and refute their works and teachings because the Lord demands it of us in accordance with His word.

We must defend our great and historic Faith once delivered to the saints.
Many of these groups are the product of self, or they are inherently evil, in all, possessing the desires of Satan to influence and destroy God’s work today. These dangerous groups, we must be careful of and rebuke their teachings, lest they corrupt and hinder our work. By His Word illuminated to me and by revelation, God unveiled these movements before me.

Some of them are all evangelical and Pentecostal churches that hold to the Mammon gospel, almost 85 percent of the churches in Nigeria. Although some Pentecostal and evangelical churches reject it. In this category are many mega churches, who are not winning souls, but making false converts who will end up judged and sent to hell. The preachers of health and wealth, and money dominion, spiritual money transfer and all other nonsensical doctrines which the Lord calls foolish, are deceiving themselves and their gullible followers, and if they are not truly saved, will end up in hell.

Also, all the proponents of the One world religion are influenced by Satan. Any preacher that joins the move to unite all religions is of the devil. We must watch out for this wolves in sheep clothing. It is easy to know these wolves who sit with the leaders of the world and sign peace papers with other religions to form a global religion. This also includes the many world ecumenical councils. They are all preparing for the Antichrist to come and the church must be prepared.

Also, all preachers who are endorsing same sex marriage are of the devil. Although the church is not to condole violence against the LGBT, but we are not to permit them into the churches of God. For there is no such thing as a gay christian, and proponents of such are of the devil. God has called us to righteousness. Gay pastors and preachers are not of God and must be rejected. But if anyone gladly recieves Christ and is free from this lifestyle, such is considered a child of God.

The following groups are also of the devil, and are not friends of the truth, these groups we must denounce and their followers should be preached to, so that they will come to the knowledge of the truth. -The Followers of the church of Satan, followers of the various lucifieran ideologies, followers of the Watchtower organization (Jehovah’s witnesses), followers of Scientology, escotericism, Mormonism, voodoo followers.
Followers of the Krishna consciousness, transcendental Meditation practitioners, followers of Guru Maraj, all spiritualist sects who believe in communication with the dead, the followers of William Braham (the prophet who went into error).

Also followers of Kacou Phillippe, a demonized prophet in Ivory coast, Unitarians, universalists, – these are of the devil and are influenced with the Antichrist spirit. Also the members of the Way ministries, members of the Black Hebrew Israelites, the christalphians, Torah observing Christians, Eastern lightening movement in China, brotherhood of the cross and star, Freemasons, occults, mystery religions, and other confraternities, and all traditional religions in Africa– all these are on the path of destruction – because they reject the supreme revelation of the gospel. Those who walk on these path, must be evangelized to come to the truth. If they donot embrace the true gospel, they will rise on the last day to be condemned to burn in hell forever.
(For further study, read the entire section 5 of – “Message And Reform).


This most important point was divinely illuminated to me. This point is the Lords call for His people to embrace Divine knowledge. The scriptures must come alive to us, showing that being ignorant is dangerous. This point calls for a revolution of the Christian Life and modern ministry, and a serious call to seriousness in a relationship with God. This point calls us and teaches us that a mystical, living relationship with Jesus Christ is possible, even as the Author has experienced. This point also calls for aggressive reform against the Mammon gospel that is popular today which is of the devil.

The Lord’s will is that we live comfortable lives, not necessarily rich lives and sometimes He allows some to live in poverty. It is not always His will that people become rich. Wealth is not a sign of His blessings. The theology of the worship of self, money and comfort, must be rebuked in this generation. True believers must put aside these polluted books and teachings poisoning the spiritual life, with the lust of the world and the church must stand up to expose charlatans of the prosperity gospel. With this point of reform – The Lord is calling His church to come out of Babylon.
(For further understanding on the basics of the spiritual life– read the entire section 1 of Message and Reform. For exposing the Mammon gospel – read chapters 12,14 and 21 of Message And Reform).


This was illuminated to me, that God is still working wonders today, though there are still charlatans and liars performing lying wonders. This point calls true believers to believe in the miraculous, and it rules out the whole theology of cessationism from the faith. Cessationism though held by some true christians, is another extreme weapon against the proof of the power of God by the devil. This must also be rejected. God worked wonders in the past and still works wonders today. Every believer in the message of reform must stand on the truth, must expect to see wonders and to pray for the sick and do every good work.
(For further understanding – read chapters 2 and 13 of Message And Reform


This is the last point. It is the Lord’s radical call to revisit the tenet of the great commission. Now that a lot of false teachings are circulating, so must the truth spread also. Even as many of the churches have compromised on many of the fundamental doctrines, by obeying the dictates of men, we must not allow these cancerous doctrines to spread alone. We must stand up to share what the Lord is recovering today. As we have received the truth of salvation, of the tribulation, of enlightenment, of the state of the dead, and so forth, so we must proclaim with great vigor in any country we find ourselves. – not just to christians who claim to be Christians, but to followers of the many world religions -Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Baha’ism, Judaism etc. Just as the Spirit of evil, which is Babylon, is taking hold of the churches, and enslaving them, we must bring to them, the liberating truths of an open bible. Though the message will be faced with persecution, we must not be bothered, because the seeds we have sown will not return void. Gradually God’s enlightening message will spread, and we will see the rise of Christian groups and churches centered on the truth and walking in the Spirit. To decrease the power of Babylon is our mandate – Everyone that has believed the message, has this mandate to share these vital truths revealed today.
(For further understanding on this last point, read chapters 24 and 25 of -Message And Reform)

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