Kanye West VS Atheists

Texas – 2019: Kanye West visits several prisons singing songs about his King. Not a big deal considering prison ministries happen quite often (though the rules are becoming more stringent on Christian preachers.

What’s new about this, however, is the atheist organization Freedom From Religion Foundation, is hell-bent on stopping the popular celebrity, Kanye West, from singing Christ. Somehow, they are able to tolerate the small-time preachers that get few converts over a celebrity with more sway and receptiveness.

Steve Harvey is NOT a Christian

When I was around twelve, I first saw Steve Harvey hosting Family Feud. As a comedian, Steve Harvey was and still is funny. But as an influencer, Steve Harvey needs to go.

I study Islam. I study it a lot. For the past four, coming on five years, I have studied Islam and have come to a very different conclusion than what Steve Harvey has spoken on Islam. Perhaps he is only ignorant on the matter, but if he truly is a Christian as claimed, he wouldn’t fall for such trivial statements.