Kanye West VS Atheists

Texas – 2019: Kanye West visits several prisons singing songs about his King. Not a big deal considering prison ministries happen quite often (though the rules are becoming more stringent on Christian preachers.

What’s new about this, however, is the atheist organization Freedom From Religion Foundation, is hell-bent on stopping the popular celebrity, Kanye West, from singing Christ. Somehow, they are able to tolerate the small-time preachers that get few converts over a celebrity with more sway and receptiveness.

I question the reason the Freedom From Religion Foundation targets Christians. Statistically, people that come to Christ in prison turn their lives around and become avid followers of Christ. So why does the atheist group care that people can change for the better after coming to Christ? Why try preventing something that has a high chance of being successful and creates better citizens? These are adults in prison, they have the choice to listen and believe or refuse.

Not only that, but the Freedom From Religion Foundation ignores the conversions to Muhammad’s Islam (and normally go on to commit acts of terror, though this is not always the case). Is Christ more real to them than Muhammad’s Islam? Is it that they know the one is wrong but the other has a possibility of being right which is why it must be hated more drastically?

Christians, let’s leave Kanye West alone. Sure, we might not all agree he is truly following Christ, but give him the benefit of the doubt for now. He’s stirring up a war within America. Help defend him in his views you agree with. I’m not saying believe in Kanye West, or even listen to him. Just pray for him. Pray that if he is a believer, then God will use him.

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