Kanye West VS Atheists

Texas – 2019: Kanye West visits several prisons singing songs about his King. Not a big deal considering prison ministries happen quite often (though the rules are becoming more stringent on Christian preachers.

What’s new about this, however, is the atheist organization Freedom From Religion Foundation, is hell-bent on stopping the popular celebrity, Kanye West, from singing Christ. Somehow, they are able to tolerate the small-time preachers that get few converts over a celebrity with more sway and receptiveness.

News Update For PCOR9

We all have a choice, to choose Jesus or to not choose Jesus. It is our goal (PCOR9), to get as many in the family as we can. So let us let you in on what we’ve been working on. Now, normally we wouldn’t write an article on this, but we felt we needed to be transparent and notify you of everything. Starting off, we have:

  • Our business plan – this is very important for us as we’ve been needing to update our ideas, products, and services.

Welcome To PCOR9


Welcome everyone to PCOR9’s blog and website. Project Corinthians 9 is a group dedicated to following only the Bible and listening to God. Matthew 13:16  But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear. We believe we are the group that will usher in the greatest and last revival the world has ever seen by the power of God in the name of Jesus Christ. We aim to show the Truth, we believe we won’t be defeated. None can stand in our way. We are the generation. This is that and we cannot be stopped.