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The picture above is a church in Brazil. Homes, churches, and lives are being destroyed. We live in a world that has no feelings for others. Do our lives really matter? To Jesus they do and to the adversary they do. The devil wants to get us down. Jesus wants to love us.

We have lost so much to the selfishness of this world. In these rich countries, we live in nicer homes, have food, etc (I know it is not everyone) yet we seem to not care enough to actually help anyone. We can’t sit idly by and allow people to be misused and abused. While we pray for these people, we need to stand up and proclaim that this is morally wrong. How can people just kick other people to the street and make them homeless? This is Brazil. People are not important, money is. Does this seem like it should be on the blog? Maybe not, but we need to spread the word. How can we live peacefully knowing there are others at this same hour hurting? Are we not Christians? Should we not be praying for them? Travailing for them? Where is our passion and love for people? We need to be more caring and loving. We need to open our eyes and see that the world is not getting any better. We need to be the better. After all, we have Jesus right? Be the better. Be like Jesus.

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