It Wasn’t My Fault

You notice a girl sitting in a chair alone with her head down and her hands covering her face. You decide to walk closer to her and as you do, you hear sounds of her sobbing. You gently tap her on the shoulder and as she looks up, you ask her what’s wrong? So she told you her life’s story. It wasn’t her fault her parents had abandoned her. It wasn’t her fault that the youth group rejected her.  It also wasn’t her fault when her boyfriend left for no apparent reason. What was her fault, however, was that she had gone away from God. She knew she needed Him, but she didn’t know how to get back to Him. She didn’t think He would want her anymore.

This is us. That moment when we don’t know what to do. That moment when we are dead to the world around us. Maybe it’s because you have so many voices saying what you should do. Maybe we missed the small voice that we know is right. maybe it’s because we lost faith in ourselves or that we no longer believe in what we once did. Maybe it somehow feels right, but they say you are wrong. Maybe. I don’t know the situation you are in, but I know a girl who struggles with this every day, and I know I struggle with it every day. It’s not our fault (usually) when life fails and the people we trusted do too. But we seem to think that when we can’t trust people, we can’t trust God. God is bigger than people. God is God. He is a friend that sticks closer than any other person. And He loves us to death (I promise).
Our mission is simple, to love like Jesus does. Will we fail? Sure. Do we stop because we fail? Never.

Proverbs 24:15
For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.

Just because you think God may hate you, does not mean God hates you. God loves you, but in case you forget, you have all of us at Project Corinthians 9 to remind you. You also have this piece of advice, find someone that can remind you daily that God loves you. Whether it’s a friend, spouse, or other, the Bible states we need each other. Realize that most of the time, it really isn’t your fault for what happens, but it can lead to it becoming your fault when you turn away from God.
If you are wanting to know how to get back to God, my advice is this- Talk to God as a friend. It works. When you are so afraid of Him, you begin to resent Him, but when you come to Him and just ask Him to be there and to hold you, somehow you realize it’s just you and Him. It is a wonderful experience that you can enjoy over and over again. Just this alone is worth every effort. We are all looking to fit in, but fitting in does not get us this experience with God. It’s not your fault life happens, but it is your opportunity.

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