Pentecostal Zionists

America has its fair share of Zionists and Christian Zionists. While many Christian denominations reject Zionism, one movement known as Pentecostalism, seems to fully embrace Zionism. Zionism is a movement that enables Jews from around the world to create a state known as Israel, by whatever means necessary for the protection and safety of the Jewish people. Its supporters have ranged from atheist and religious Jews to non-Jews who typically view the Jews as chosen people of God. Most of the Christians who fall into this category or adherents to a doctrine called dispensationalism. Dispensationalism is the belief that God has two chosen people, the Israel and the Church. This belief is misleading doctrine that infects the minds of believers to support Zionism and its bloodthirsty appetite.

Hypocrisy of the Progressives

With America being categorized into two key categories, namely the Left (Progressives) and the Right (Conservatives), the diversity of politics is minimal on the outside looking in. However, on the inside, there are centrists, moderates, and other people in between these two categories. There are also outliers, those who fit outside these categories.

Each group has its own hypocrisy, in fact, too many double standards to count. However, there is one hypocritical view I must bring up. Most people, especially those among the Progressives, claim to be anti-racists and diverse. In their battle to stay diverse, the most progressive groups, filled with members of the LGBTQIA community have sided with, you’ve guessed it, Muslims.

While there is nothing wrong with having a friend who is Muslim, the issue with Muslims comes from Islam. While the good news is that most Muslims practice a made up, cherry-picked customized version of Islam that they created, others do not.

On Salvation

Recently, I was questioned on my views of salvation and how I preach it. I figured the best way to try and articulate my thoughts would be to write them down. First, my backstory. I grew up sixth generation pentecostal. As such, I’m extremely familiar with pentecostal theology and its views on salvation. I say views, plural, because there are several views from the past hundred years that the theology has built up from.

Sitting on a pew a couple of times a week, I hear familiar theology as what I grew up in. Yet, even today I see distinctions between the theologies. I wouldn’t say that the pastor at my local church community assembly is ignorant of the scriptures, because that would be untrue. In fact, he is very skilled with knowing verses. Yet, he rarely touches upon certain topics. And while I am not yet sure of the reason, I can gather that the primary reason he hesitates to speak on certain matters is for one reason: doubt.

Doubt is a powerful blocker. It places one into a vulnerable position, one that, if in leadership, cannot be taken lightly. Imagine a preacher that teaches “what the Bible says” while also having a background in ministry. That is, the preacher was taught what the Bible says in the teacher’s point of view.

Separation From The World

Christians often hear that they are separate from the world. Typically in Pentecostal churches, separate means wearing a skirt, having long hair, and having no jewelry or makeup (for women). Men, on the other hand, focus more on wearing nice shirts and pants, having cut hair, and perhaps no facial hair (though this is becoming phased out in many churches).

No, Islam Doesn’t Get Better Than This

Afghanistan’s Taliban leader Mullah Nooruddin Turabi. ‘No one will tell us what our laws should be. We will follow Islam.’ Photograph: Felipe Dana/AP

Many Muslims around the world will say that Islamic countries are not Islamic, but are Muslim majority countries. So the Taliban takeover Afghanistan with the help of a majority of the followers. These followers are worldwide. In fact, the people who disgreed with the Taliban were looking to leave during the US pullout.


This article mentions political themes within and outside of the American education system.

Parents often wonder whether their kids should be homeschooled or attend a private or public school. Individuals looking to attend college consider between private and public colleges. Some consider self-taught or some college without the degree behind it. Education, no matter how it happens, is important.

However, are all colleges the same? No. Is all education good? Probably not. Why, not even all public schools are the same, which are federally funded.

Are All Muslims Bad?

Many guests who read my articles accuse me of claiming all Muslims are bad. I would encourage new readers to find where exactly I said, “all Muslims are bad.” You won’t. However, what you will find is that I’ve stated that I believe good Muslims are not following Islam literally as the scholars and countries demand.

Fighting Back

Recently someone on Facebook posted in a group on obeying pastors. My initial response was that the logic behind that thinking led to so many travesties that could’ve been prevented if one had not simply “obeyed” their lord.