This article mentions political themes within and outside of the American education system.

Parents often wonder whether their kids should be homeschooled or attend a private or public school. Individuals looking to attend college consider between private and public colleges. Some consider self-taught or some college without the degree behind it. Education, no matter how it happens, is important.

However, are all colleges the same? No. Is all education good? Probably not. Why, not even all public schools are the same, which are federally funded.

Here’s why this discussion is of most importance. When you give your student over to a public school with teachers whom you do not know or know what is taught, you are essentially allowing your child/children to be taught things you may not agree with, by people whom the state appoints under federally funded guidelines. That’s not to say that all public schools are bad, or even that all teachers are bad, but as we’ve seen in California, not all teachers are good. (A teacher in California felt the American flag was uncomfortable and replaced it with a gay pride flag, telling students they can pledge allegiance to it instead.)

When you allow the government to teach your children and do not have control or any say on what they are taught and by who, you are failing as the most important teacher in your child’s life. As a parent, you are their best teacher, or at least, you should be. As Christians, we are taught to raise up our children in a good way. If you do not teach them, someone else will. And what is taught may not be what your children need.

I’m an advocate for homeschooling or private schooling. That’s not to say public school is a terrible option. For some, public school is the only option. And in many cases, kids in public school are untainted by the influences of the world (we can thank good teachers under good leadership for this).

Now let’s go beyond basic schooling. We’re at the college and university level now. So many colleges and universities teach things that simply aren’t rooted in historical facts or science. Where even professors will claim things like “math is racist” or “Christianity is a white man’s religion.” The butchering of these facts are creating plausible lies for those who are susceptible to such ideologies. We are at a point in time where open-mindedness has created people who are so open-minded that they cannot retain anything within their minds, or the opposite, so closed-minded they refuse to ponder any other opinion.

Parents, it is time to stop letting others teach your kids and time for you to step up and take control over what is taught to your kids.

Individuals, do not be as the grass when the wind blows, swaying this way and that based on someone’s opinion. It is time to step up, figure out what you believe, and continue to educate yourself in the manner you can/want. Be the change you want in the world, don’t let the world change you.

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