Update: New Channel From Team Member

A team member of PCOR9 has invested himself into a new channel called Chrislamic Talks. Chrislam tends to refer to a merged religion of Christianity & Islam. This is not the case. Instead, it is a discussion group comparing the two religions and theologies within these behemoths of religions.

The goal for Chrislamic Talks differs from the vision for PCOR9. As such, they are separate. However, the primary goal has never changed. We all need Christ. And our existing methods lose 90% of Muslims. So we try again.

We are simply providing a discussion and finding common ground that shows Christ. At the very least, we want to open minds, spark thoughts,, and engage in conversation. For far too long, Christians and Muslims have fought each other and fought amongst themselves. Chrislamic Talks gives these disagreements a chance to be discussed.

Some of you, mostly Pentecostals, might have a problem with such tactics. First off, I stand by my actions and can/will defend them if need be. Secondly, because this may cause stumbling blocks among the less knowledgeable Christians, we decided Chrislamic Talks should be separate.

You may hear “Christian Muslim”, “Quran and Bible agree”, etc. I challenge you to look into Paul of Antioch, a seemingly adoptionist-modalist who believed in the Quran and yet was a Christian. The view is similar. As a Christian, I don’t see the Quran as an evil book that is completely opposite from the Bible. However, I cannot say the same about the hadiths and sunnah. Thus, Chrislamic Talks will eventually force viewers to face these issues head on through intellectual discussion and not mindless debates as accustomed to.