Easter: Resurrection With Christ

What is Easter? Let’s take a look at what Easter means to most people.

Easter Sunday celebrates the Christian belief of Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

So where did bunnies and eggs come in?

(Source from seeker.com)
“According to History.com, Easter eggs represent Jesus’ resurrection. However, this association came much later when Roman Catholicism became the dominant religion in Germany in the 15th century and merged with already ingrained pagan beliefs. The first Easter Bunny legend was documented in the 1500s.”

Of course, a lot of families use the bright cheerful side of bunnies, eggs, and candy for children and also commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. (We have no problem with this).

We see, in churches, signs that say “He has risen” or something along those lines. But let me turn your attention to Colossians 3:1.

Colossians 3:1 KJVS
If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God.

You see. Christ died, but he is alive. He HAS risen. Yet we (brothers and sisters) also rise with him. We are not dead anymore, we are among the living. Our life is hidden in Christ!

Most of us will go to church and hear about the resurrection or something pertaining to it. Remember this, you aren’t only celebrating his resurrection, you are celebrating yours too.

NOTICE: this article was not written to keep us in the forefront. We should always have Jesus in the front. However, many forget what all God has done for them. Many go to church only for a couple of days of the year. Most will not be able to say 100% they are resurrected because Jesus was. Instead, they come, wave palm branches around, listen to the sermon, and walk out till Christmas. Our sermons touch upon Christ’s death, but without prayer, we are of no effect. We must first lead them to a cross to find a relationship with him, to an altar, where they can die out to him, then to the water where we bury them. Lastly, Jesus fills them with his spirit resurrecting them. That’s when they will truly know what it is to be living.

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