On The State Of The World Part 1

I recently watched a movie that showed today’s society (movie name undisclosed). The movie involved LGBTQIA+ themes and even an almost statutory rape scene (fully consensual sexual activity with a minor, and no, the movies doesn’t show anything).

Movies like this are uncomfortable for me to sit through. But I found it interesting, showing what a night in New York could be like. I, personally, have never been to New York, so I can’t say how realistic the themes are, but from daily life and social media, I figure it ranks a 7-9 on realism.

The Radical Christian

Imagine waking up to a world where skin color has become a weapon by which people can freely through around racism, as long as it doesn’t affect their skin color. Imagine being told you are a white supremacist for following a more-than-likely brown man as a prophet and how your religion is a white person’s religion and is all about violence and bloodshed. Yes, this is today, and I’ve been awake to see most of it.

On Being People Smart

Dear Ministers and Leaders in ministries:

After a careful analysis of various churches, ministers, and testimonies, I have come to the conclusion that churches in themselves are not the problem, we are. How often do we lose people, who were starting to come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ, because of our behavior and attitude? How often do we not have the right motivations behind our speech? How often do we fail to be more Christ-like to others, including our own church family? Thomas Gordon provides a list of communication spoilers and from this, I will attempt to not only explain our problems but also guide us toward solutions.

Chaotic Confusion

The world is a place where confused people do chaotic things. The opportunities for harming a person are too numerous to count. The danger lies on all sides, outside and inside. And while part of the church sits idly by and allows sin to run rampant among the congregation and leadership, the other side (a smaller side) is doing what it can to fight back.

Confusion is messy. Confusion is what causes people to see what they want to see, not what they need. Confusion creates desperation to search out for any pieces of higher knowledge for truth but forgets that it’s the simple things in life that really matter. Confusion creates people who break up families and churches. And in churches, confusion is not normally from the congregation, but the leadership. Confusion leads to chaos.