The Price of Abortion

First off, I believe that people should be both pro-choice and pro-life. Allow me to explain.

What does it mean to be pro-choice? Pro-choice means having a choice to choose life or death for an unborn child. People are right when they say it isn’t your choice to decide whether a woman has a baby or not. They are right, it’s up to her. It’s her choice to grow up and become a mature, responsible adult that takes care of her baby.

The top image shows a billboard created by a group that wants abortions common. With common abortions, the attitude sways from “it’s a sad thing for a woman to abort her unborn baby,” to “abortion is better.”

Abortion is freedom. Freedom:

  • from responsibility
  • from maturity
  • from parenthood
  • from providing for another
  • to be irresponsible
  • to be immature
  • to be childish
  • to be selfish

I get it, it’s terrible when an eight-year-old is raped and is pregnant. It truly is terrible. So stop it! prevent rape. Raise children that don’t rape. Raise children that respect each other and treat others as they would want them to do to them. Keep an eye on the children you have. Don’t always trust everyone, especially just because they go to church with you.

I understand there are delicate and extreme circumstances when an abortion “could” be an option. That’s less than 1% statistically. These cases should be between both the mother and father if possible, and they should be careful about their choices.

As for the slightly over 99% abortions that are caused out of lack of responsibility, you have an option called adoption. There’s another option called growing up and becoming responsible for your actions. Of course, while abortion is normally viewed angrily against women, what about the dads of these babies that leave and reject the mother? Come on dads, that’s the mother of your kid! Dads need to become fathers. They need to mature.

As for all the “pro-lifers” that want to force women who plan for abortions to go for adoption, it’s a shame few of you have ever adopted a child or teen yourselves. The system is broken. I, personally, have seen the system and how it works. I would hate to have been a kid growing up in the system. That’s why we need people willing to be parents to the parent-less. Go ahead, complain all you want about abortions if you’ll never reach for the kids already in the system.

It’s painful to see a world so eager to accept abortion aka the signing of a death execution of an unborn child, all without a legit reason. At the same time, it’s hurtful to see a world complaining of abortions and refuse to take action by providing kids better choices.

We all have choices, to do good or to do evil. To bring life or to cause death. Abortion will always have a victim, sometimes two victims. Hopefully, someone chooses life. And hopefully, you’ll have someone to help you bring that life into this world.

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