The History of Palestine

Before Palestine Palestine was originally called the Kingdom or Nation of Israel (~1000 BCE), not to be confused by the modern-day nation called Israel. The capital of Israel was Jerusalem, which hosted many kings. One popular and widely recognized king Read More

Is Christianity Too Complicated?

Recently a follow of Muhammad and his Islam spoke to me on the matter of Christianity. They claimed Christianity is too complicated and that I was making it complex. They said, “Islam is logical because it is simple” and “You Read More

Is Arabic the First/Original Language?

Some people claim that Arabic was the original language. Most (but not all) of the people that claim this myth are the religiously biased. Arabic has never, and will never be the original language. Books may be written, articles may Read More

The Big Bang Theory

Modern Islamic scholars claim the Judaic-Christian creation is false and the world was made from a big bang. They claim the Qur’an speaks of the big bang theory. This is untrue. The big bang theory was created by Christians that Read More

What is a Muhammadan?

What is a Muhammadan and should this word be used? First, one must know the definition of a Muhammadan is for who the label should be applied. Many followers of Muhammad’s Islam believe that the word Muhammadan means to worship Read More

Did Jesus Deny He Was God?

A common attack against Christians by adherents to Islam is of the statement that Jesus denied being God. While the people that bring this accusation truly believe they are right because they were told so, we have must look beyond Read More


This article will be brief. We hear that Islam, as a religion, is peaceful. Take two statements: Pray for them that persecute you. The Bible Fight/Kill them that persecute you. The Qur’an If Christianity is violent, then why does Christianity Read More

A Summary on Muhammad

Few men (or women) have been written in history as both prophet and warrior. The top man to claim that title is the Prophet Muhammad of Islam. The Prophet To understand Muhammad and his life, we must understand the trilogy Read More

Were the Crusades a Christian attack against Muslims?

Simply answered, the Crusades were a defensive strike against the already growing threat of Muhammadan forces. Many Christians did join the fight, primarily those under Catholic rule. By Christians, we are referring to a group of people defined as “Christian” Read More


Ramadan is an obligatory (forced) month-long period of fasting for those who are of the Islamic faith.  Muslims believe that Mohammad was given the call to be the prophet of Allah and some revelations of the Quran during Ramadan, which is why Read More