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This article will be brief. We hear that Islam, as a religion, is peaceful. Take two statements:

Pray for them that persecute you.

The Bible

Fight/Kill them that persecute you.

The Qur’an

If Christianity is violent, then why does Christianity call for praying while Islam, the supposed religion of peace, call for violence against those that persecute the adherents to Islam? How can one claim peace but bring a sword? This is not peaceful.

Christians may ask “Why do we allow them to control us and not fight back?” The answer is simply “Because Jesus said to.” If adherents of Islam want Christians to submit to them and be slaves to them, they will have their reward in the lake of fire, for they are not treating humans as equals. They would be indulging in slave owning, adultery, fornication, and other despicable acts against God. This is Muhammad’s Islam.

Adherents to Muhammad cannot refute this. They cannot claim this is not Islam. Sure, one could be a ruler of the entire world and claim their god is true. But was their god really true if it took them violently taking lands, making slaves, raping non-believers, separating families and spouses? Is their god really true when it requires the followers to fight instead of pray? If Jesus did not teach this, or if it was only for the Jews, and yet God does not change, then why would you not follow Christ?

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