Do Christians Commit Shirk? Part 2

For this post:Christians are those that adhere to an Apostolic doctrine and Pentecostal experience (usually Oneness Christians).Muslims are those that adhere to any teaching of Muhammad and believe in one god. Note 1: I make a case for both Trinitarians Read More

Do Christians Commit Shirk?

Short answer: No, Christians do not commit shirk as claimed by followers of Muhammad. Christians, today, continue to uphold and uplift the one God of Israel. Long answer: Today, the word Christian is a label placed upon people that adhere Read More

Were the Crusades a Christian attack against Muslims?

Simply answered, the Crusades were a defensive strike against the already growing threat of Muhammadan forces. Many Christians did join the fight, primarily those under Catholic rule. By Christians, we are referring to a group of people defined as “Christian” Read More

Jesus never said he was God

The typical response held dearly by people all over the world that reject the deity of/in Christ is that Jesus is not God, because he never stated those exact words anywhere. He may never have said that phrase, however, he Read More