Jesus never said he was God

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The typical response held dearly by people all over the world that reject the deity of/in Christ is that Jesus is not God, because he never stated those exact words anywhere. He may never have said that phrase, however, he never claimed he wasn’t God either.

There are many things people do not state and yet we know for a fact it is true. For one, humans never go around telling other humans they are humans. It’s a fact of life.

The Jews did not understand how God could
come in flesh. They did not understand Jesus on one
occasion when He told them He was the Father (John
8:19-27). However, on many other
occasions they did
understand His claim to be God. Once when Jesus
healed a man on the Sabbath and credited the work
to His Father, the Jews sought to kill Him—not only
because He had broken the Sabbath but because He
said God was His Father, making Himself equal with
God (John 5:17-18). Another time Jesus said
rejoiced to see His day. When the Jews asked how this could be, Jesus replied, “Before Abraham was, I
am.” The Jews immediately recognized that He
to be I AM—the name by which Jehovah had identi
fied Himself in Exodus 3:14—so they took up stones
to kill Him for blasphemy (John 8:56-59).
When Jesus said, “I and my Father are one,” the
Jews sought to stone Him for
blasphemy, because He
being a
man made Himself God the Father (John
10:30-33). They sought to kill Him when He said the
Father was in Him, again because He was claiming to
be the Father (John 10:38-39).
When Jesus forgave a palsied man of His sins,
the Jews thought He had blasphemed
because they
knew that only God could forgive sin (Isaiah 43:25).
Jesus, knowing their thoughts, healed the man; there-
by showing His divine power and proving His deity
(Luke 5:20-26). The Jews were right in believing
there was one God, in believing that only God could
forgive sin, and in understanding that Jesus claimed
to be the one God (the Father and Jehovah). They
were wrong only because they refused to believe Jesus’
It is amazing that some people today not
reject the Lord’s assertion of His true identity, but
even fail to realize what He did assert. Even the Jewish
opponents of Jesus realized that Jesus claimed to be
God, the Father, and Jehovah, but some today
see what the Scriptures so plainly declare.“- The Oneness of God, David K. Bernard