Is Christianity Too Complicated?

Recently a follow of Muhammad and his Islam spoke to me on the matter of Christianity. They claimed Christianity is too complicated and that I was making it complex. They said, “Islam is logical because it is simple” and “You Read More

Can Christians Divorce Over Domestic Abuse?

What happens when your husband or wife, that claims to be Christians, abuse you? This was a question a close friend of mine asked. At the time, I didn’t have much of an answer besides “Christian husbands don’t beat their Read More

Do Christians Commit Shirk? Part 2

For this post:Christians are those that adhere to an Apostolic doctrine and Pentecostal experience (usually Oneness Christians).Muslims are those that adhere to any teaching of Muhammad and believe in one god. Note 1: I make a case for both Trinitarians Read More

Do Christians Commit Shirk?

Short answer: No, Christians do not commit shirk as claimed by followers of Muhammad. Christians, today, continue to uphold and uplift the one God of Israel. Long answer: Today, the word Christian is a label placed upon people that adhere Read More

Were the Crusades a Christian attack against Muslims?

Simply answered, the Crusades were a defensive strike against the already growing threat of Muhammadan forces. Many Christians did join the fight, primarily those under Catholic rule. By Christians, we are referring to a group of people defined as “Christian” Read More

Can Christians Join The Military?

A common question and one that many churches are divided over is whether or not Christians should join the military. Some churches don’t mention it at all, other churches forbid members to join the military. The short answer from PCOR9: Read More

How Should Christians Live?

Christians should live according to the Bible. Jesus was a great example and while many may follow after Paul, Peter, John, or another, we must realize that these men were only trying to follow Jesus Christ. To give scripture: Ephesians Read More